The village of Pisciotta is located in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and Alburni, a UNESCO World Heritage Site well-known for its unique natural ecosystems.

The culinary tradition, based on the Mediterranean diet, is famous for the production of olive oil, land products, cheese, meat and seafood, including traditional Menaica anchovies.


The origins date back to the destruction of Troy in 650 BC. Some Trojans took refuge on the Cilento coast, founding the seaside village of Pisciotta. Monuments of interest are Marchesale Palace, Francia Palace and the a Church of the seventeenth century.

With its clear blue sea, it is famous for the Grotta Azzurra, for a natural arch and for the evocation of the landing of Aeneas on the Mingardo beach in late August.

Archaeological site of Velia
Velia was founded by the Greeks under the name of Elea. The Romans changed the name to Velia. It was the site of the important Eleatic school with its philosophers Parmenides and Zenone, well-known for his paradox of Achilles and the tortoise .

Certosa di Padula
It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was built in the fourteenth century and it is the first Carthusian monastery built in Campania and the biggest one in Italy.

Morigerati (WWF oasis and Morigerati caves by Bussento)
It is an important wildlife oasis within which flows the river Bussento with its caves.

Infreschi Bay(Marina di Camerota)
It has been named the most beautiful beach in Italy in 2014. Its name cromes from freshwater springs that flow into the sea making the surface water colder than the deeper waters. The bay is approachable by sea from Palinuro and Camerota or by land, following a path that starts from Marina di Camerota and goes through the typical Mediterranean vegetation.

It is a small seaside hamlet of Cilento where the famous American biologist Ancel Kyes lived for about 40 years studying the’ Mediterranean diet ‘. It is possible to visit the Ecomuseum of the Mediterranean Diet and the Sea Living Museum, both located inside Vinciprova Palace.


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